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T H E  W O R L D  O F  C A T A L Y S T


We’re all about gorgeous sparkle that has been created with purpose and love. That’s why our pieces are designed in house and brought to life by makers all over the world. This way, every purchase is completely one of a kind and made with materials we've carefully handpicked. 

Each piece of jewelry features authentic semi-precious gemstones set in .925 sterling silver. This ensures that your new favourite accessory will never change colour, or the colour of your finger. Our pieces are the combination of sparkle created from the earth’s natural elements and the creative touch of our dedicated makers.





We work fair trade with talented female creatives in Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Canada to source beautiful high quality pieces. These small businesses are often family run and use techniques that have been handed down through generations and showcase their own cultural flare. 

For more information on our semi-precious stones, see Gem Ideology

To care for your jewelry, see Product Care