I'm Sam, nice to meet you

On any given day I'll be working from my home studio surrounded by a coffee, notebook, and favourite candle (this one).

By night you can bet I'm binging The Office with peanut butter Haagen-Dazs, nestled beside Jordan and our pug Charlie.

Want to know some random facts? Let's do this speed dating style.

○ Sign: Gemini

○ Favourite movie: Harry Potter 1 through 8

○ Morning person or night owl: Forever a night owl

○ Style in one word: Comfy

○ Time wasting activity of choice: Pinning decor ideas

○ Favourite city: Vancouver

○ Favourite season: Fall. No, Spring! Both.

○ Music style: Eclectic. Oldies, pop, alt lounge + r&b.

○ Favourite store: Target

dogs. vanilla iced coffee. drive-in movies. finding out something is on sale when you're paying. good hair days. rain. scary books. productive days. sourpatch kids. walks by the water. smiles from strangers. perfectly ripe avocados. 'AHA' moments in the shower

Catalyst & Co is

A sterling silver jewelry brand and love story between quality, simplicity, + affordability. Each piece of jewelry is made with authentic semi-precious gemstones set in .925 sterling silver. Our collection is designed in Milton Ont and handmade by female silversmiths in Bali. 

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