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Crystal Meanings A-Z



A G A T E // Life is tough, but so are you. Reminds you to keep a positive mindset so you can spread positivity and be there for others. Heals inner anger and insecurities to bring emotional, physical, and intellectual balance while grounding your emotions to reality. Helps with concentration and mental strength. A security blanket to help you feel protected when you are going through hard times and feel vulnerable. A symbol of luck and courage.

happiness & positivity / emotions & balance / luck / focus & productivity / protection / grounding

A G A T E : B L U E  L A C E  A G A T E // You are strong, even on bad days. Helps dissolve negative thoughts by elevating the mind and restoring peace. Brings you back into a positive space when you’re overrun with mental exhaustion and stress. A stone of nurturing, support, and healing. Gives you the confidence to speak up and communicate your beliefs and needs; great for those who have a fear of public speaking or confrontation. Brings a relaxed state of mind so you can forgive and let go of whatever is no longer serving you.

Stress & mental strength / love, self love & heart healing / peace & calm / forgiveness / strength & self- confidence / truth & communication / emotions & balance 

A G A T E :B O T S W A N A  A G A T E //  Brings peaceful, serene energy to help you move past resentment and anger. Helps you look for solutions rather than dwelling on problems with patience and calm. A beneficial stone for those who want to give up or quit smoking.

anxiety & depression / love, self-love & heart healing / growth / stress & mental strength

A G A T E :C R A Z Y  L A C E  A G A T E // Crazy Lace Agate also known as Mexican lace agate has a calming, protective nature that helps heal inner anger and any resentment you may be holding onto. Promotes courage and support for new beginnings. Releases tension and boosts optimism. Acts as a pros and cons list when making important decisions, helping you maintain focus and logic.

peace & calmness / change & new beginnings / focus & productivity 

A G A T E :D E N D R I T I C  A G A T E // Also known as Tree Agate. This stone carries a stabilizing and strengthening energy. Brings a strong connection to the earth and plants. This stone takes time to be fully effective so it encourages perseverance and patience. 

strength & self-confidence / grounding 

A G A T E :F L O W E R  A G A T E // This stone carries a gentle, nourishing, feminine energy resembling a field of flowers to comfort and ground you. The blossoming flowers remind us to trust the process of our growth. Protects you from self doubt and fear so you can reach your highest potential. Passionately pursue your dreams and live life to the fullest with confidence. 

growth / peace & calmness / grounding / fear /  strength & self-confidence / emotions & balance 

A G A T E :M O S S  A G A T E // Find new heights to your creativity and optimism as this stone helps you manifest your goals and dreams. A good stone to attract prosperity, success and balance to your life. Aids with self expression and communication.

wealth & success / emotions & balance / truth & communication / health & wellness 

A G A T E :O R C A  A G A T E// Peaceful and nurturing stone. Radiates a soft strength to ground and balance emotions. Puts you in touch with your inner truth so you can fully communicate your needs.

peace & calmness / grounding / strength & self-confidence /  truth & communication /  emotions & balance

A M A Z O N I T E // Truth, communication, & morals. Soothes fear and anxiety. Be a brave and fearless truth teller while communicating with others. An important stone for those that rely on communication for their job. A reminder to stay true to your morals, even when difficult. Pave your own path to success and align with who you’re meant to be, keeping in mind the balance between work and rest. A stone of strength and adventure. 

truth & communication / anxiety & depression / strength & self-confidence / fear / wealth & success

A M E T H Y S T // A symbol of inner peace, truth & forgiveness. Soothes the soul with clarity and calmness, allowing your mind to relax and enter a peaceful night's sleep. Reminds us that our sensitivities could be channeled into strengths. A support stone for those that experience depression, anxiety and mental illness. Helps you come to terms with loss and alleviates sadness.

sleep / forgiveness / spiritual & intuition / strength & self-confidence / peace & calmness / truth & communication

A M E T H Y S T : C H E V R O N   A M E T H Y S T //Also known as dream amethyst. Enhances intuition and dispels negativity. Cleanses and brings harmony and energy to the body and mind. 

spiritual & intuition / happiness & positivity / peace & calmness / emotions & balance

A M E T H Y S T : P I N K  A M E T H Y S T // A soft-hued feminine version of purple Amethyst. The calming energy instills understanding, trust and peace. Helps to heighten your intuition and clarity. Heals and protects against negative energy by opening the heart to love and tolerance. It may be especially effective for anyone enduring feelings of stress, sadness or grief. 

emotions & balance / spiritual & intuition / peace & calmness / truth & communication /  love, self love & heart healing


A N G E L I T E // Spirit Guide. Enhances spiritual awareness. Associated with energies of the angelic realm for spiritual growth. Offers comfort when you are feeling alone and need help overcoming fears and anxieties. Aids in insomnia relief so you can drift off to dreamland. Acts as a support system, giving you protection and guidance in a compassionate, accepting, and understanding way.

spiritual & intuition / sleep / growth / peace & calmness /protection 

A P A T I T E // Learn from the past, watch the present, and create the future. Gives you the strength and will power to make healthy choices. Apatite is the stone of motivation, communication and self expression. Become in tune with yourself and your intuition to reawaken clarity of your goals and ambitions.

health & wellness / spiritual & intuition / strength & self-confidence / truth & communication

A P A T I T E :Y E L L O W  A P A T I T E// Also called Gold or Golden Apatite. Its bright, sunny energy stimulates a passion for life and a stronger sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Strengthens your willpower and assertiveness to give you the courage you need to take new risks. Helps you to learn, take in, and process new information to manifest your dreams and desires.

strength & self-confidence / fear / focus & productivity / creativity & inspiration / wealth & success 

A P O P H Y L L I T E// A look into the mirror. A stone of introspection and truth, helping you to recognize your true self and show it to the world. Its calming energies help release negative feelings, and rebalance emotions. Helps in reducing stress and anxiety with its clearing and cleansing properties. Amplifies energy of a space or other crystals placed near it. 

emotions & balance / anxiety & depression / happiness & positivity

A Q U A M A R I N E // Shake it off. Gives you the courage to let go and accept the things you cannot change. Aids in communication and expressing your truth. Ignites your bravery when facing stressful situations, reminding you that things will always work out in the end. Reduces fear and tension to give you peace and balance.

fear / truth & communication /creativity & inspiration /anxiety & depression

A R A G O N I T E  // Inner balance, grounding, release negative energy such as anger, anxiety and fear. Connects you to the earth to stabilize your emotions. Create a stronger connection to our planet to release energy, and center yourself. Pushes you to make a change in your daily life which makes you more confident, and promotes self-healing.

emotions & balance / fear / anxiety & depression / strength & self-confidence 

A V E N T U R I N E // Lucky Money. The stone of opportunity, prosperity, and wealth. Today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow you want. Aventurine is the stone to help manifest career opportunities and boost your earnings. Welcomes luck to your life in areas of wealth, finances, career opportunities. Assists with love and heart healing.

luck / wealth & success / love, self love & heart healing

A V E N T U R I N E :Y E L L O W A V E N T U R I N E// A symbol of self-reflection, optimism and confidence. If you have trouble trusting your ideas and decisions, yellow aventurine aids in making you feel more decisive and gives you the confidence to stop doubting yourself.

strength & self-confidence / happiness & positivity / growth /

A Z U R I T E // Awakens psychic abilities, helps you recognize your intuition and seek spiritual guidance. Calms and relieves mental stress and confusion. Alleviates worry, indecision and restores balance and control over emotions. Clear understanding and new perspectives.

emotions & balance / spiritual intuition / peace & calmness 


B L O O D S T O N E // Take care. A symbol of good health and a long life. Said to help with bad circulation, inflammation, infection and common colds. A staple for realigning ‘you’. Battles bullying and combats injustice, calming and protecting the mind. Gives you courage to stand by any decision you make, and ground yourself in the present moment.

health & wellness / protection / strength & self-confidence / grounding


C A L C I T E :C A R I B B E A N  C A L C I T E //  light Blue Calcite + light brown Aragonite + white Aragonite. Calcite amplifies and cleanses while brown aragonite grounds and relieves stress. Caribbean Calcite enhances psychic abilities and lucid dreaming. Calm, peace and tranquility, relaxes and refreshes an anxious and tired mind.

grounding / stress & mental strength / spiritual intuition / 

C A L C I T E :B L U E  C A L C I T E// Wellness Check. The ‘mother’ of the crystal world. Its energy is kind, gentle, and protective. Nurtures, soothes, and restores emotional trauma. Brings calmness to the mind allowing you to think with a level head in situations where emotions overcome you. Releases negative emotions, helping to heal and alleviate stress. A companion for those navigating and coping with illness.

health & wellness / self care / emotions & balance / protection / spiritual intuition

C A L C I T E :M A N G A N O  C A L C I T E //You’ve got to feel it to heal it. Stone of forgiveness, releases fear and grief that keeps the heart trapped in the past to bring in unconditional love. Increases self-worth and self acceptance. Tap into your feminine side and guide you to living in alignment with your values. Has a loving energy that is helpful for anyone suffering. 

forgiveness / love, self love & heart healing / strength & self confidence / emotions & balance / fear

C A L C I T E :O R A N G E  C A L C I T E// A highly energizing and cleansing stone. Orange Calcite helps activate your positivity, and gives courage to seek out new opportunities. Helps to let go of old hurt by balancing emotions, removing fear and minimizing depressive thoughts. 

happiness & positivity / change & new beginnings / fear/ emotions & balance / anxiety & depression

C A L C I T E :R A I N B O W  C A L C I T E//It is also known as Inca or Aztec Calcite. Rainbow Calcite helps to clarify thinking by shifting focus to positive and removes emotional stress. Clears the negative energy of your space and mind. A stone of spiritual growth.

happiness & positivity / spiritual & intuition / stress & mental strength

C A L C I T E : Y E L L O W  C A L C I T E // Lights up your self confidence and keeps you hopeful. Empowers you to take action. Heightens creativity and passion.

C A R N E L I A N// Take the Leap. It’s time to get going! Carnelian energizes like a morning cup of coffee. It’s your tiny cheerleader pushing you to take action and go for it. Focus on your goals and get out there and make opportunities for yourself.  A stone of action, it encourages you to take a confident and courageous leap of faith. Carnelian calms anger and stabilizes your emotions and negativity. A stone to support feminine cycle irregularities + infertility.

focus & productivity / fertility / strength & self- confidence / creativity & inspiration / emotions & balance / grounding

C E L E S T I T E // Guardian Angel. A stone for spiritual guidance. Heightens your intuition and strengthens your trust in gut instincts. Brings restorative energy and angelic support when you need it the most. The calming energy helps to eliminate worry and stress to limit overthinking. Celestite reminds you that it’s okay to ask for help instead of weathering the storm alone. Replaces negative feelings with inner peace. 

spiritual & intuition / peace & calmness / forgiveness / creativity & Inspiration / anxiety & depression / emotions & balance 

C H A L C E D O N Y // Learn to rest, not quit. Reminds you to make time for self care and relaxation. Listen to that inner voice telling you to express your needs. Protect your mind, listen to your body and make your health a priority. Eases self doubt and brings you and your emotions into harmony. Soothes stress and promotes mental strength. Chalcedony has a healing energy that helps to calm your mind, allowing for a peaceful sleep. 

self care / stress & mental strength / emotions & balance / health & wellness / sleep / peace & calmness

C H R Y S O C O L L A // In my feels. Acts like an anchor when you’re swimming in emotions. Helps find peace when experiencing depression or isolation. Encourages self-awareness and confidence, allowing you to be more open and connected to others, strengthening and stabilizing your relationships. Chrysocolla alleviates guilt and brings joy, self compassion and patience. 

truth & communication / anxiety & depression / peace & calmness / emotions & balance / spiritual & intuition / health & wellness

C H R Y S O P R A S E // Make your heart happy. Inspires you to indulge in happiness, optimism, and love. Reminds you to reach for forgiveness, and trust others even when the truth is hard to swallow. Encourages growth and heart healing by embracing joy and positivity. Time to do some spring cleaning in your life to make room for new opportunities and fresh starts. 

love, self-love & heart healing / happiness & positivity / forgiveness / growth 

C I T R I N E // Lucky sunshine. A stone of creativity, luck, & wealth. Get fired up about your goals and align yourself with a clear path to make them happen. A great stone for procrastinators looking for a bit of an extra push to attract success, money and stability. Helps navigate you through your personal & professional journey to success. Count on Citrine when you need someone in your corner to boost your self confidence and remind you that you got this!

focus & productivity / luck / wealth & success / creativity & inspiration / strength & self-confidence / health & wellness


D U M O R T I E R I T E// See the bigger picture, and forget the small stuff.  Promotes peace of mind. Helps you respond to unexpected changes in life with ease. Exposes any toxic influences in your life and shows them for what they are.

peace & calmness / emotions & balance / change & new beginnings =


E A G L E  E Y E // grounding, brings clarity to connect with your purpose in life, guards against unwanted energies. Brings good luck and good fortune and instills confidence


E M E R A L D // Self worth goddess. A powerful love stone. This ancient stone reminds you to take care of yourself so you can bond with others. It promotes healthy and passionate relationships. Looking for that ‘can’t live without them’ kind of love? Reach for Emerald to help find your person. Keeps you emotionally present and open to connection. A symbol for health, well being, and fertility. 

self-care / fertility / health & wellness / love, self-love & heart healing  / luck / forgiveness / protection 


F L U O R I T E // Bye distraction, hello focus. Removes brain fog to bring clarity and unleash your inner genius.  The must-have workspace stone to remove mental blocks and enhance concentration. Allows the mind to flow freely, balance thoughts, and create brilliant ideas! while reminding you to stay organized. With distractions out of the way, you can focus and conquer your work. Said to decrease inflammation in the mind and body. 

focus & productivity / health & wellness / stress & mental strength /  peace & calmness / creativity & inspiration


G A R N E T // The stone of health, vitality and energy. Garnet helps to balance, strengthen, and purify the body, clearing blockages to achieve health, passion and pleasure. Garnet aids in fertility and menstrual cycle irregularities and inspires you in areas of love, commitment and sensuality.

focus & productivity / creativity & inspiration / fertility / strength & self confidence / health & wellness

G O L D E N  M I C A// Soft and sensitive energy to keep a calm mental state. A stone to jumpstart change and self growth. Helps to increase willpower by channeling an uplifting attitude towards whatever task at hand.

peace & calmness / growth /  change & new beginnings

G R E E N  M O O N S T O N E / G A R N I E R I T E // Resist fighting the old and build upon the new. Aids in healing the wounds you may carry to allow for new opportunities and love in.Much like moonstone, this stone has strong healing and transformative energy. Releases you from emotional stress, giving you strength to grow.

emotions & balance / love, self-love & heart healing / growth / change & new beginnings


H E M A T I T E // Wherever you are, be all there. A stone of protection and grounding. Helps anchor you in the present if you have a tendency for getting stuck in the past or are consumed by the future. Reach for Hematite when you feel like you have too many tabs open in your brain. Repels negative energy and boosts self- confidence. Eliminates confusion and guides you towards practical thoughts. 

emotions & balance / strength & self confidence / protection / grounding / focus & productivity

H E M I M O R P H I T E //Provides inner strength & boosts self esteem. Fully express your needs and align with your true self and promotes emotional ease. Can help alleviate PMS symptoms. 

strength & self confidence / emotions & balance / health & wellness / truth & communication

H O W L I T E // Sweet dreams. For those feeling burnout from lack of sleep and bad dreams. Howlite is said to absorb negative energies and calm the mind allowing for a peaceful night’s rest. Eases that heavy weight off your shoulders and pushes away overactive thoughts, anger and stress. Teaches patience and quiets the mind. Also works to combat your inner self critic and selfishness.

peace & calmness / stress & mental strength / sleep


I O L I T E // The stone of perspective. Reminds you to see both sides of every situation before you act.

 emotions & balance


J A D E // Go your own way. Combines inner clarity with luck and success. Helps identify your strengths and passions which manifests your time and energy into success. Jade helps you flourish and live a fulfilling life. A stone that attracts friendship and increases love. Brings you protection and luck on your journey to fearlessly pursue your dreams. 

luck / wealth & success / spiritual & intuition / protection

J A S P E R // Stay wild earth child. Helps you channel the earth’s energy to connect with nature. A connection with mother earth inspires you to disconnect from technology and discover alternative routes to your goals. With distractions out of the way you can achieve peace, happiness and success. This grounding stone carries peaceful, balancing energy that increases your energy and willpower. 

wealth & success / peace & calmness / happiness & positivity /  focus & productivity / grounding

J A S P E R :B U M B L E  B E E  J A S P E R// Helps to enhance your everyday life with its positive, uplifting energy. A perfect stone for when you are riding the waves of change to better adapt to new surroundings and challenges. Bumble Bee Jasper helps you to seek strength, support and love from within and better understand your emotions.

happiness & positivity / change & new beginnings / strength & self confidence / emotions & balance

J A S P E R :D A L M A T I A N  J A S P E R// playfulness, finding life’s little joys and releasing any anger or feelings of hurt. Protects you from overthinking and works as a pick-me-up. Helps to embrace challenges with a sense of humour and lightness. Encourages loyalty and reliability which helps strengthen your relationships. 

happiness & positivity / protection

J A S P E R :O C E A N  J A S P E R//  Weather the tough waters. Ocean Jasper reminds us to relax and trust that the universe has a plan for life’s unpredictabilities. This stone helps you recognize that the greatest adventures come from times when you are led to unexpected destinations. Helps navigate through times when you feel overwhelmed.

emotions & balance /  peace & calmness / anxiety & depression 

J A S P E R :P E A C E  J A S P E R // Balances energies to help heal, bring positivity and peace. Enhances your ability to come to terms with difficult situations and think optimistically about how they will turn out. 

peace & calmness / happiness & positivity 

J A S P E R :P O L Y C H R O M E   J A S P E R//  also known as Desert Jasper. Grounding, and centering energies that deepen and strengthen your connection to Mother Earth. Guides you to new relationships that bring out the best in you by possessing the earth's power. 

grounding / change & new beginnings

J A S P E R :R E D  J A S P E R // When you need a comforting hug. Red Jasper grounds and supports to soothe the mind of anxiety, while encouraging you to be kind to yourself in the process. A reminder of your strength and resilience. Aids in detoxifying and healing the body of toxins or illness.

anxiety & depression / strength & self confidence / peace & calmness / health & wellness / stress & mental strength / love & self-love & heart healing 

J A S P E R :T I F F A N Y  J A S P E R// A great healing stone, helping to release negative energy and let positive change into your life. A helpful stone when you are going through life changes by creating a stronger emotional state. 

happiness & positivity / change & new beginnings / emotions & balance

J A S P E R :T I G E R  J A S P E R//combination of jasper, hematite, tiger’s eye. For those suffering from emotional burnout, aids in creativity and wellness.

emotions & balance / creativity & inspiration / health & wellness

J A S P E R :T R E E  J A S P E R// Supports you through times of stress, providing strength, determination and courage. Stimulates creativity and imagination, pushing you to take action on your ideas.

stress & mental strength /  creativity & inspiration / strength & self confidence 

J A S P E R :Z E B R A   J A S P E R // A stone that helps with creative and imaginative thinking. Great for those dealing with creative blocks, as it increases courage and determination while minimizing doubt and fears.

strength & self confidence / happiness & positivity / creativity & inspiration 


K 2// A stone that acts as a compass guiding you to reach the highest potential of your spiritual self. Harmonizes your body and mind while stabilizing and energizing. Amplifies your ability to endure difficult conditions in life. 

spiritual & intuition / emotions & balance / strength & self-confidence

K U N Z I T E // Self love baby, self love. A stone that connects your heart to your mind. A reminder that YOU are your priority, so embrace your emotions, listen to your needs, and speak your truth. Acts as your crystal fairy godmother, protecting your inner light and making sure you continue to shine. Heal your heart from the inside so you can be confident and shine. 

strength & self-confidence / change & new beginnings / love, self-love & heart healing / truth & communication / forgiveness / self care

K Y A N I T E // Make peace with your mistakes. Kyanite’s cleansing, positive energy allows you to forgive yourself and be at peace with what you cannot change. Provides your mind with clarity.

peace & calmness / truth & communication / happiness & positivity / forgiveness / health & wellness 


L A B R A D O R I T E // Grow through what you go through. Acts like a boat when sailing through waves of change. It keeps you safe while navigating new chapters. Helps you to see the truth in situations and make decisions accordingly. Reminds you that growth will look different for everyone. Encourages you to move on from toxic relationships and bad habits.

truth & communication / change & new beginnings / growth / spiritual & intuition 

L A P I S  L A Z U L I // Beautiful mind. A symbol of intellect and truth. Enhancing memory and sharpening the mind. Helps you find clarity to boost creative problem solving. Lapis encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and face your problems head on.  A great companion to keep with you when learning a new skill. Releases frustration and anger.

truth & communication / focus & productivity / sleep / peace & calmness 

L A R I M A R // Emotional Stability. Larimar draws from the ocean’s energy. Larimar is a stone of powerful emotional cleansing and healing, especially for phobias, panic attacks, stress-related imbalances, and excessive anger. Use your emotions as a compass to guide you to what you need in your life and listen to what your feelings are telling you. Perfect for those who feel drawn to the water. 

fear / stress & mental strength / emotions & balance

L A Z U R I T E// Helps you to speak your truth, and take the time to understand each situation. Encourages you to stop and reflect on where you are in your life. Enhances memory and awareness. Promotes intuitive and psychic abilities

spiritual & intuition / truth & communication 

L E P I D O L I T E // Inhale calm, exhale worry. Lepidolite’s calming energy helps to shift thinking when overcome with anxiety and depression. This stone helps to ease overactive thoughts that keep you up at night, allowing for you to get a good night’s rest.

anxiety & depression / peace & calmness / sleep

L L A N I T E // Helps us to always look for the good in situations; making it easier to live life with a positive outlook. Allows us to realize it is okay to say ‘No’ to people; you do not need to carry the weight of the world in hopes that people will like you. Let go of the unnecessary worry and spend your time aligning your priorities to achieve your goals. 

happiness & positivity / focus & productivity

L O D O L I T E// Also known as inclusion quartz, scenic quartz, garden quartz, landscape quartz, shaman quartz and dream quartz.A stone commonly used in meditation. Lodolite has soothing energies that bring you into a deep meditative state. Fulfill your heart’s desires by using this stone to manifest.

peace & calmness / emotions & balance 



M A L A C H I T E // Mind over matter. Reminds you that evolving your mindset is well within your control. Get a spiritual makeover by using Malachite to remind you to act on your intentions. Malachite encourages you to take a look in the mirror and take responsibility for your actions while having compassion for yourself. Activates your realization of self worth and willpower. A useful companion for someone recovering from illness or surgery. 

spiritual & intuition / health & wellness / forgiveness / strength & self-confidence / stress & mental strength 

M O O N S T O N E // Release your inner goddess. The ultimate stone for embracing your femininity and intuition. Reminds you to balance your emotions and pull strength from the harmony within. Think of Moonstone as your comfort crystal, a soothing companion for when your emotions and hormones are heightened. Reminds you that you are enough and that you have enough. A symbol of new beginnings and growth through change.

spiritual & intuition / emotions & balance / strength & self-confidence / stress & mental strength / growth / self-care / fertility / change & new beginnings 

M O O N S T O N E : B L A C K   M O O N S T O N E//Protection against negative energy. Helps to maintain a clear head to make rational decisions in difficult times. Mixed with the intuitive feminine energy of Moonstone, this stone balances emotions and guides you through tough times.

protection / spiritual & intuition / emotions & balance / strength & self-confidence / stress & mental strength / growth / self-care / fertility / change & new beginnings 


M O R G A N I T E // Nurturing heart stone, like a loving warm hug. A reminder that you deserve kindness and respect. Reminds you to align with those that have your best intentions at heart. 

love, self love & heart healing / forgiveness / self-care



O B S I D I A N // Invisible Shield. A stone of powerful protection. Deflects unwanted thoughts or energies. Works to clean emotional wreckage from the past and heals grief. Reach for Obsidian when you need an extra push to move on from situations and make room for forgiveness. Reminds you to release feelings of jealousy or bitterness which can help rid unwanted tension from relationships.

protection / peace & calmness / forgiveness / emotions & balance / grounding / change & new beginnings / strength and self-confidence 

O B S I D I A N :G O L D E N  S H E E N  O B S I D I A N //shows what you need for healing. Eliminates any sense of futility or ego conflict. Imparts knowledge of spiritual direction. Balances energy fields.

protection / peace & calmness / emotions & balance / grounding / happiness & positivity

O B S I D I A N :S N O W F L A K E   O B S I D I A N//Helps to be more decisive, and confident. Stop putting other people’s needs / demands first and trust your intuition to put yourself first. Instead of reacting out of anxiety, peer pressure, guilt and fear of missing out.

strength and self-confidence / change & new beginnings /  emotions & balance

O N Y X // Repel the Darkness. Repels destructive thoughts and energies attempting to disrupt your path. Quiets the mind of worry, anxiety and fear. Dispels inner criticism and encourages you to face fears and insecurities. Your toughest critic is yourself, Onyx will help you let go of the need for perfection and build up your self confidence. Provides logic and support in difficult or confusing times. 

fear / protection / anxiety & depression / sleep / grounding / strength & self-confidence

O P A L // A powerhouse of inspiration, especially when you’re going through major change. Helps you to get creative and understand your full potential and purpose. Opal places a magnifying glass onto all parts of your life, allowing you to look closer into your relationships; with yourself and others. A stone that helps in creating fulfilling relationships with the people in your life, bringing loyalty, commitment and love. Increases a sense of hope and inner peace. Balances mood swings.

creativity & inspiration / peace & calmness /  focus & productivity / change & new beginnings / emotions & balance / spirituality & intuition / luck

O P A L : B L A C K  O P A L // Protection against negative energy. Eases anxiety. helps you to stay calm and relaxed in uncomfortable situations. Aids in conquering fear  helps you to act on ideas and dreams by breaking you out of your shell. 

protection / fear / sleep / peace & calmness / anxiety & depression

O P A L :D E N D R I T E  O P A L// A stone of hope for growth and strength. Dendritic Opal helps to balance your energies to give clarity and perspective to your thoughts and decisions so you can embark on a path of better decision making.

peace & calmness /  change & new beginnings / emotions & balance

O P A L : P I N K  O P A L // helps heal emotions, allowing the heart to open to love. Works to heal emotional wounds and hidden fears, resolve and let go of them. Compassionate and nurturing and gentle- dissipates stress, worry and anxiety while calming and centering you through bad times.

anxiety & depression / fear / love & self-love & heart healing / emotions & balance  

P R E H N I T E // Aids in Problem-solving and analytical thinking. Calms and aids in removing things in your life that no longer serve you. Helps overcome fears, nightmares and phobias.

            fear / focus & productivity / peace & calmness 

P Y R I T E // Get it done. The perfect workspace companion to spark your productivity and reduce mental exhaustion. Keep Pyrite close when in need of confidence and creative inspiration. Pyrite attracts wealth and prosperity while also providing a sense of grounding and protection. A stone to make your goals feel achievable and within your reach. Manifest your dreams and tackle that to-do list!

stress & mental strength / creativity & inspiration / strength & self confidence / focus & productivity / fertility / grounding / protection


Q U A R T Z // Magic energy. Lightens, brightens and powers up your life. Excellent for creative minds that seek inspiration and clarity. A stone of healing and purity. Your bff when you’re looking to amplify other energy. Channels and intensifies energy of nearby crystals. When you need to manifest your intentions, Quartz is there to help with its ‘if you can dream it, you can become it’ energy.

creativity & inspiration /  happiness & positivity / love & self-love & heart healing / focus & productivity / change & new beginning 

Q U A R T Z : A U R A  Q U A R T Z // Created by electrostatically fusing quartz with platinum, silver and sometimes gold. The iridescent shimmer brings an uplifting, playful energy by dissolving any negative energy blocks. Opens your heart and mind to angels to support you when you need guidance, and assistance. A reminder that the universe has a plan for everything, providing you with comfort and support.

spiritual & intuition / happiness & positivity / protection / peace & calmness 

Q U A R T Z : C E L E S T I A L  Q U A R T Z  / P I N E A P P L E  Q U A R T Z// Grounding, a stone of hope, opens our heart to healing 

love, self-love & heart healing / grounding

Q U A R T Z : F I R E  Q U A R T Z / H E M A T I T E  Q U A R T Z// Strength, fertility. These crystals are good for those feeling low energy and fatigue  

strength & self confidence / fertility 

Q U A R T Z :G O L D E N  H E A L E R  Q U A R T Z// A reminder that you can help yourself first so you can better help others. Helps you to uncover the parts of yourself that need healing. The calm energy aids in releasing negative patterns and emotions so you can become the bestyou.

peace & calmness / love, self-love & heart healing / emotions & balance / spiritual & intuition

Q U A R T Z :R U T I L A T E D   Q U A R T Z //  A cleanser of negative energies within yourself or others to forgive and let go. Cleanse your heart and mind of any resentment or frustrations you may be holding. Helps to confront your inner fears and anxieties to deal with the issues that may be holding you back.

forgiveness / anxiety & depression / growth

Q U A R T Z :S M O K Y  Q U A R T Z // One day at a time. A powerful stone to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension. Helps you overcome negative feelings to cleanse and ground your mind and balance your emotions. Smoky Quartz brings you to greater harmony with those around you by helping you to see the opportunities presented to you.

happiness & positivity / stress & mental strength / anxiety & depression / protection / health & wellness

Q U A R T Z :T O U R M A L I N E  Q U A R T Z // We pass on what we don’t process. Reminds you that you have the courage and strength to create boundaries and move past hurt. Helps to heal from trauma and ground your emotions when dealing with difficult problems in your life.

emotions & balance / love & self-love & heart healing/ strength & self confidence


R H O D O N I T E// Accept, let go, move on. A stone of letting go. Releases you from heartbreak and helps with deep heart healing. Reminds you to have compassion for yourself and others and establish healthy boundaries. Helpful for transitions including career changes, relationships, and illness. Your emotional baggage check, giving you a chance to reevaluate the load you are carrying. Promotes emotional stability and balance, to aid depression and anxiety.

love & self-love & heart healing / emotions & balance / forgiveness / change & new beginnings / anxiety & depression 

R O S E  Q U A R T Z // Be kind to yourself and let kindness fill the world. Gives hope and strength to a broken heart, and provides a soothing energy during times of grief or loss. Reminds you to be compassionate and kind to both loved ones and strangers with unconditional love. Helps the many aspects of relationships, restoring trust, and bringing harmony. Reminds you to work on your negative habits so you can embrace inner love and let others in.

forgiveness / self care / strength & self confidence / emotions & balance / peace & calmness

R U B E L L I T E // Also known as red tourmaline. Aids in creativity, wellness, heart healing and emotional balance. Joy, ‘inner child’ - openhearted curiosity and playfulness

love & self-love & heart healing / creativity & inspiration / health & wellness / emotions & balance

R U B Y  F U C H S I T E // Embrace all that is you. Encourages you to become self-reliant and listen to your needs and desires. Let go of fears and expectations holding you back. Teaches you to grow through vulnerability to feel empowered and closer in your relationships. A stone to open your heart to allow for honesty and strength from within. Great companion for gardeners or those with a green thumb. Take with you when plant shopping to connect with the plants.

growth / change & new beginnings / health & wellness / love & self-love & heart healing / happiness & positivity / truth & communication

R U B Y  Z O I S I T E// Helps to ground emotions to get honest and realistic with yourself. See the truth in situations where it is easy to overthink. Pursue your dreams while staying connected to the real world.

emotions & balance / truth & communication 


S C H E E L I T E // Get it together and stay on track. The stone to help keep you productive and organized. Clear the clutter, manage your time and stay punctual to get things done! Keep your goals on track by promoting efficient habits. Scheelite gives you greater insight and clarity, and clears any thoughts that may be fogging your judgement. A stone of positivity that helps you to reframe your thinking and see all there is to be grateful for. Encourages you to remember it's not how heavy the load is, it's how you carry it.  

focus & productivity / emotions & balance / grounding

S E L E N I T E // Squeaky Clean. A shimmering mineral used to cleanse and bring peace. An essential tool to cleanse away negative energies of the mind, objects, and environments. Helps to stabilize emotions and remove negative energies, emitting peace and light. Can aid in removing emotional, or spiritual ‘blocks’ when you are feeling stuck. Selenite’s connection with spirit guides can provide a sense of protection. Named after the Moon Goddess Selene. 

sleep / peace & calmness / emotions & balance / fertility / spiritual & intuition/ protection 

S E L E N I T E : D E S E R T  R O S E // Helps to develop hidden talents, and persevere when you need to train or study. Aids in making changes. Protective stone when you feel vulnerable. Provides clarity of mind, helping to navigate confusing situations. Increase self love and self confidence. 

change & new beginnings / protection / love, self-love & heart healing / strength & self confidence

S E R P E N T I N E //  Evolve or remain. Helps to release you from the fear of change. Grounds, protects and supports you through tough times. Like a snake shedding its skin, allows you to let go and trust the start of something new and the magic of new beginnings.

growth / protection / forgiveness / emotions & balance / change & new beginnings

S H U N G I T E // Detoxes, purifies, and protects. Shields you from man made electromagnetic frequencies. Restores emotional, spiritual, physical balance. Acts as an umbrella, protecting you from the storms of life that threaten to throw your emotions off balance. The grounding energy helps to purify negative energy stored in the mind, body or soul. Provides a general sense of wellbeing and vitality. 

spiritual & intuition / emotions & balance / anxiety & depression / protection / grounding

S O D A L I T E // Study buddy. Reminds you to regularly strengthen and stimulate your intellect. The stone carries a calm and stable energy, balancing your emotions to help you focus. Express yourself confidently and honestly, allowing you to see both sides of a situation. Great for students or those wishing to learn something new. Keep sodalite near your workspace to help keep your workflow productive and solve problems with ease. 

peace & calmness / focus & productivity / spiritual & intuition / truth & communication / strength & self confidence / emotions & balance

S P H A L E R I T E// Reality check. Grounds you to reality and helps separate truth from dishonesty. Helps with courage, drive and focus

truth & communication/ focus & productivity

S U N S T O N E // Practice reckless optimism. Heightens your happiness. Like the sun peaking through the clouds, helps you achieve mental clarity and change your outlook when life feels dark. Helps you share positivity with those around you by bringing out your brave side so you can feel self-empowered and confident. Sunstone invites joy into your life, heightening your creativity, and excitement for life.

stress & mental strength / happiness & positivity / creativity & inspiration / strength & self confidence / health & wellness / 


T H U L I T E //A stone that radiates love, compassion, happiness and joy to aid in your self-healing journey. Thulite shines a light on old emotional pain, helping to face the negative experiences you may be neglecting to face. Facing these inner demons removes the weight from your heart, allowing you to become stronger and let more love in. 

love & self-love & heart healing / happiness & positivity / emotions & balance / strength & self confidence

T I G E R S  E Y E // Fear Not. Reminds you to release yourself from the fear that may be holding you back, giving you the courage to seek out new opportunities. Often used as a symbol of protection. Encourages you to get creative, think on your feet, and reach for success. Acts as the little voice on your shoulder giving you words of encouragement to help to minimize doubts and provide self confidence in social settings. 

fear / wealth & success / protection / strength & self confidence / creativity & inspiration /

T I G E R S  E Y E : B L U E  T I G E R S  E Y E//A protective stone that helps to calm, ground and release stress and anxiety. A great stone for those who are anxious, quick tempered, and trying to overcome a phobia.

Protection / grounding /  peace & calmness / anxiety & depression

T O P A Z // When you let go, you grow. Topaz is a reminder to release the things or people that hold you back from being your best self. No rain, no flowers; sometimes cutting ties can be painful but essential for growth. Helps seek out the truth, and when necessary, reminds you to forgive. Find honesty and clarity, not only with others but also within. A stone of joy and generosity. Hold onto Topaz for motivation and confidence to release doubt and uncertainty to align you with your purpose.

growth / forgiveness / truth & communication

T O U R M A L I N E // Crystal bodyguard. One of the most powerful crystals for protection. Blocks you from negativity and toxic environments, giving you the strength to put yourself first and forget about the judgments of others. Let go of tension, stress and anxieties. Carry with you when you’re in need of a big hug from the Universe and a reminder to let go of the negative thoughts that are weighing you down. 

protection / anxiety & depression / peace & calmness / strength & self confidence 

T U R Q U O I S E // Healing, communication, & mental strength. Encourages you to speak your truth and communicate with others, helping you to flourish as a leader. Reminds you to practice mental strength to protect you from feelings of depression, exhaustion and anxiety. Helps you reconnect with the present moment and aligns you to your spiritual self. Balances your mood for sharp decision making and stronger gut-instincts.

emotions & balance / stress & mental strength / anxiety & depression / truth & communication 


U N A K I T E // Uniting the heart and mind and aligning the body and spirit. A stone for empath support, helping to bring peace to sensitivity. Grounds and balances to shift perspectives, reminding you to live in the present moment and have patience with yourself. The gentle energy of this stone aids in heart healing and forgiveness. Reframes anxieties and fears to become more open and communicate your needs.

anxiety & depression / emotions & balance / fertility / truth & communication / focus & productivity