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Crystal Pairings

Crystals That Go Well Together

There are many crystals that pair well together to enhance their energies. One great example of this is Clear Quartz; known for its ability to amplify the energy of other crystals. Selenite is also a great crystal to pair with others because it assists in cleansing the negative energies away.

  • Keep Carnelian and Citrine together to energize, increase your creativity and feel in tune with your sexuality and vitality. Citrine heightens your creativity and positivity while Carnelian is a great energy booster and aids in supporting your feminine cycle and sexuality. Together they are a powerhouse of uplifting energy!
  • Create a positive well being, while attracting luck with Jade and Agate. Jade is known to be a stone of luck and success while Agate also brings luck and helps to strengthen your mental well being. This pair is perfect for those looking to achieve their goals with confidence and strength.
  • Improve upon your talents and natural skills by keeping Apatite and Fluorite together. Apatite is a crystal that will give you all the willpower and motivation you need to reawaken your goals, ambitions and natural talents, while Fluorite helps to focus and motivate so skills come much easier to hone. 
  • To assist with fertility and pregnancy, turn to Rose Quartz and Moonstone as a pairing. Moonstone is the ultimate stone for embracing your femininity and intuition, perfect when paired with Rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love, helping to attract compassion. This pair is great for expectant mothers or those who are trying to start a family by attracting soft, loving and feminine energy.
  • Sleep peacefully and soundly with Amethyst and Howlite. Amethyst is a dreamy, soothing crystal that helps to calm your mind, while howlite helps absorb the negative energies and ease the mind so you can get a peaceful rest. Together, these two bring overactive thoughts to rest so you can drift off to dreamland.
  • Lepidolite and Lace Agate calm and ease anxiety and restore peace to an overactive mind. Lepidolite shifts thinking when overcome with anxious thoughts and calms tension while Lace Agate restores peace and nurtures to counteract mental stress and strain. This pair supports you through negative and uncomfortable thoughts to bring you back to calm.
  • Rhodonite and Chrysoprase to aid in forgiveness and letting go of past trauma. Rhodonite is a stone of letting go and healing your heart from emotional heartbreak which when paired with Chrysoprase, reminds you to reach for forgiveness and heal your heart by embracing joy and positivity. Together they’ll help you move past distrust in others and trauma that may be hard to let go.
  • Say goodbye to negative energy of any kind, as Tourmaline and Hematite are the perfect pair to protect you. Tourmaline blocks you from any negativity or toxic environment and protects you, and hematite repels negative energy and allows you to remind yourself of the present moment.