Exchanges and Returns

You have 14 days from the day you receive your item(s) to make a return or refund, providing the item is unworn and unused (with the exemption of our final sale items). After your 14 day period you are eligible to make an exchange or receive a store credit. See Returns & Exchanges

You have 30 days (starting the day you receive your items) to make any exchanges, providing the item is unworn and unused (with the exemption of our final sale items). If the item or size you are looking for is sold out then you take a store credit. Please note: the customer is responsible for shipping and return shipping. See Shipping & Curbside Pick-Up

Returns and Exchanges will not be processed during a sale. If your 30 or 14 days of exchange or return deadline falls within a sale period, you will be given a grace period, and the deadline will be extended past the sale. Sale prices do not apply to past purchases.

Final sale items include: earrings, custom pieces (such as resized bracelets, stamped charms etc.), crystals, gift cards, face masks, dried florals, bath products, and Midnight Paloma. Any items from the SALE section of the website are considered final sale.

Due to the dainty nature of our jewelry, pieces are not immune to breakage. However, every situation is different. Pieces that qualify for a replacement will need to be sent back to our Streetsville location (the customer is responsible for shipping fees). Please forward all questions regarding damages to We ask that you please attach a photo of the broken or damaged item to this email, as well as your order number. 

Your Order

You can place your order online and select “curbside pickup” during checkout. Once your order has been processed and is ready for pickup you will receive a confirmation email. Please wait until you receive your order confirmation email to pickup your order.

PLEASE NOTE: When you go to checkout, the option for pickup will say 8 Maiden Lane, Mississauga, ON. However, all online orders placed for pick up will be available at our Streetsville Store, 228 Queen St. S, Mississauga, Ontario. Pick ups will now be processed in 1-4 business days. Please wait to receive a completed confirmation email before you pick up. When you arrive at the store to collect your order, please provide the name on the order and the order number. Please contact or call 905 858 5500 with any questions.

We will keep your order with us for as long as you need to come pick it up. Your order will not be cancelled if you should choose to take an extra amount of time to come pick it up.

Coupons can only be used once per order. Coupon codes cannot be applied during a sale.

Unfortunately sale prices cannot be applied to previous purchases. We try to give notice before we have a sitewide sale.

Once an order is placed, we are not able to cancel the order. For any order inquiries please email with your order number and inquiry.

Up to date information on your order is available in your Catalyst & Co account. Log into your account through the SIGN IN tab.

Once you have placed your order you will receive an automatic confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email please contact us directly –

Yes, in the notes section of your order you can write a personalized message for us to include in your order.

If you don't receive a card for the crystal you have purchased, it is likely a crystal that we have not carried before. We're constantly bringing in new types of crystals, so we try to make cards for the most popular crystals. We will have all of the crystal meanings on the website under the listing description for you to reference.

As soon as your order has been placed, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. You will receive a second email once your order has been completed, with shipping or pick up details. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your junk folder. Contact us if you cannot find your confirmation email.

Any changes to an order must be done within the first 2 hours (within business hours) of placing your order. Contact for change inquiries. Please note: We are not able to add items to an existing order, but we can do our best to combine orders to ship together.

If you receive a delivery notification but your package hasn’t arrived at your door, don’t worry, oftentimes the package will show up within the next 24 hours. Please see here for more information

Jewelry purchases will ship in a signature Catalyst box. If you prefer we use less packaging, let us know in the notes and multiple pieces will ship in one box. If your order is gift, please check the box at checkout notifying us. Gifts will be packaged in separate boxes. 

Jewelry Care

Your pieces should be stored separately to avoid scratches. Store pieces in an airtight plastic bag to avoid tarnishing.

Sterling silver will never permanently change colour, however over time it will tarnish. To keep your piece looking bright, shiny, and new polish frequently with a silver cleaning cloth. 

To clean in behind transparent stones that collect dust, dead skin, or dirt over time, simply submerge in soapy water and scrub gently. Polish when dry.

Our Reminder bracelets and our Gemstone bracelets are made at our Head Office and can be resized to fit you perfectly. Please note: resized pieces are final sale. See Resizing

Crystal Care

You can use our ‘shop by meaning’ drop-down to shop by a particular crystal’s meaning, or find a crystal by look or character. Some people choose their first crystal based on what they feel drawn to and go from there. We also carry a variety of different books to give you more information about each crystal to get you started on your crystal collecting.

Unfortunately crystals are final sale. You can always gift your crystal to a friend or someone you think will benefit from its meaning.

There are a few different ways to cleanse the energies from your crystals. A few methods are with water, sunlight, moonlight, or with a selenite stone. It’s helpful to do your own research to find a method that works for you. Certain stones are not safe to be cleansed with water, It may be beneficial to take some time to research whether or not your crystals can come in contact with water before you try and wash them.