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How to cleanse your crystals

Crystals transmit and store energy, so it's necessary to occasionally reset and recharge that energy. A stone may have collected and built up unwanted energy from environments, other people, or even you! There are many ways to reset your crystals. Cleansing and charging your crystals can look different for everyone. Some people want a simple cleansing process, where others like to create a more complex cleansing process. Stick to what feels right for you and your intentions. 


1.  O T H E R  C R Y S T A L S

Clear Quartz and Selenite are known as the most powerful self cleaning crystals. Their high vibrations make it so that they charge and cleanse themselves, and can also provide a cleansing platform for other crystals that need refreshing. Selenite is more commonly used and it comes in many forms; stick, palm, bowl, pedestal, plank and many more. This gives you a variety of options to cleanse your crystals.


2.  S U N L I G H T

Sunlight is a natural source that activates and restores energy in crystals. Simply placing your crystals on a window sill or a sunny spot for a few hours to cleanse them of their energy is a very effective energy cleanser.  In fact a lot of people like to display their crystals by a window so they can see the sparkle of their stones. If you choose to keep or display a coloured crystal in direct sun, the stone may lighten and become a more pale version of itself over time and may fade with constant sun exposure. 


5. W A T E R 

Not all crystals can be cleansed with water, so it is important to do some research before you use this method of cleansing. To cleanse your crystals this way, gently submerge your stones in a bowl of water. It works best with polished stones, never rough or natural stones or geodes. While water is the easiest way to remove dust and leftover dirt, there are many crystals that can dissolve or rust from water exposure so if in doubt, skip the water and use a different method.


4. M O O N L I G H T 

One of the most common ways to cleanse your crystals is by the moonlight. Laying your crystals by a window during a full moon allows your crystals to absorb all the power the moon has to offer.

5. S A G E

Burning sage or other herbs is said to help restore your crystals’ natural energy and remove any negative energy. Keeping a positive and clear idea of your intentions is an important part in this cleansing process.