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Introduction to Crystals

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Why collect Crystals?

Crystal healing dates back to the ancient Egyptians who used stones for protection and health. Gemstones, crystals and minerals are products of the earth, and each stone has something different to teach. Each crystal carries unique energy vibrations that shift the energies in us and our environments. They’re natural, Beautiful, and carry their own bits of magic.

Does it actually work?

Crystal healing is not about curing a medical diagnosis.

The healing you’ll experience is a balanced mind, body and spirit. With the right crystal for you, you will feel a shift in your energy and elevated mood. Mental wellbeing projects outward. You can improve things like your clarity, focus and self esteem that will stimulate other areas in your life. 

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What do I do with them?

We’re all different, therefore the method that works will vary from person to person. There’s no one right way to use crystals. Some choose to carry stones with them in tumbled form, while others use them in the home to cleanse, protect, and energize the space. Prefer to wear your stones to keep them close? Wearing them in jewelry works too!
  • Carry them with you in a purse, pocket or even in your bra 
  • Place them where you spend a lot of time
  • Decorate your home and space
  • Wear them as jewelry
  • Use during meditation or meditative practices and yoga
  • Place them on your body 
  • Keep as a talisman or reminder of what they symbolize
  • Use them to manifest or set intentions
  • Creating a crystal grid

    How do I know which stone is right for me?

    We encourage you to feel, touch and sense the crystals when we open back up in store. You’ll know which stone is the right one because you'll connect with the energy and it will be difficult to leave behind. Sometimes the stone you came in for isn’t the one that will speak to you. Don’t overthink it, and trust your gut!  When online shopping crystals, we recommend you take your time and browse all of the shapes and sizes and variations within the different crystals. Take our quiz to find out which crystal is perfect for you!

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