Product Care

STERLING SILVER - Authentic .925 Sterling Silver will never permanently change colour, however over time it will tarnish. To keep your piece looking bright, shiny, and new polish frequently with a silver cleaning cloth.

GOLD & ROSE GOLD PLATED - All of our pieces are solid sterling silver and are coated with a gold or rose gold plating. Over time, wear will cause the colour of the plating to fade. To preserve the plating, it is recommended that you remove your jewelry while showering, washing your hands, or dealing with household chemicals and lotions. 

SEMI PRECIOUS STONES - Although natural gemstones are resilient, they are not immune from scratches or chipping if dropped or neglected. It is recommended to keep jewelry in a soft case or cloth bag while not being worn.

To clean in behind transparent stones that collect dust, dead skin, or dirt over time, simply submerge in soapy water and scrub gently. Polish when dry.


Taking a few extra minutes to care for your jewelry will ensure your pieces look brand new for years to come.