Les Îles de la Madeleine Bracelet


Les Îles de la Madeleine, Quebec, is a group of islands forever being shaped and changed by the winds. Although the winds are constantly disrupting the islands, they continue to adapt and adjust. Aquamarine brings the same stability to our lives, allowing us to accept the things we cannot change and thrive on.

Bracelets fit comfortably snug on a 7.25 wrist.

  • Aquamarine beads
  • Bead size: 4mm
  • Gold-filled accents 
  • Option for with or without cubic zirconia charm
  • Price is for one bracelet

Please Note: The price is for one bracelet and not the stack


    A Q U A M A R I N E // Shake it off. Gives you the courage to let go and accept the things you cannot change. Aids in communication and expressing your truth. Ignites your bravery when facing stressful situations, reminding you that things will always work out in the end. Reduces fear and tension to give you peace and balance.



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