Muskoka Bracelet


Muskoka Ontario, is a popular cottage destination that allows you to slow down and relax. Sometimes we get so caught up in fear and being successful that we forget the importance of slowing down. To have confidence among others we must first become comfortable being alone.

Bracelets fit comfortably snug on a 7.25 wrist.

  • Tiger's Eye
  • Bead size: 4mm
  • Gold-filled accents
  • Option with or without heart charm
  • Price is for one bracelet

Please Note: The price is for one bracelet and not the stack


    T I G E R S  E Y E // Fear Not. Reminds you to release yourself from the fear that may be holding you back. Encourages you to get creative, think on your feet, and reach for your success. Helps to minimize doubts and give courage in social settings.

    Model Photography by Samantha Joy Shantz