Blue Tigers Eye Tower

  • Price is for one point
  • Points are approximately 1” x .75” x 3.4”
  • Each crystal is natural with it's own unique characteristics, banding and shimmers
  • Crystal will be intuitively chosen for you


B L U E  T I G E R S  E Y E // A protective stone that helps to calm, ground and release stress and anxiety. A great stone for those who are anxious, quick tempered, and trying to overcome a phobia.

This crystal will ship with Tigers Eye meaning card

T I G E R S  E Y E // Fear Not. Reminds you to release yourself from the fear that may be holding you back, giving you the courage to seek out new opportunities. Often used as a symbol of protection. Encourages you to get creative, think on your feet, and reach for success. Acts as the little voice on your shoulder giving you words of encouragement to help to minimize doubts and provide self confidence in social settings.