Blue Topaz Drop Necklace

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The perfect layering piece. A round hand-selected blue topaz stone faceted for maximum sparkle, and suspended on a dainty but durable sterling silver chain. 
  • 18" chain
  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Rose Cut Blue Topaz pendant


T O P A Z // When you let go, you grow. Topaz is a reminder to release the things or people that hold you back from being your best self. No rain, no flowers; sometimes cutting ties can be painful but essential for growth. Helps seek out the truth, and when necessary, reminds you to forgive. Find honesty and clarity, not only with others but also within. A stone of joy and generosity. Hold onto Topaz for motivation and confidence to release doubt and uncertainty to align you with your purpose.

Model Photography by Samantha Joy Shantz

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