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Moonstone + Sunstone Tumbled Stone

  • Price is for one stone
  • Stone is approximately 1.2" x 0.8"
  • Moonstone with small flecks of Sunstone
  • Each piece is natural with unique inclusions that will vary stone to stone
  • Crystal will be intuitively chosen for you

M O O N S T O N E // Release your inner Goddess. The ultimate stone for embracing your femininity and intuition. Reminds you to balance your emotions and pull strength from the harmony within. Reminds you that you are enough and that you have enough. A symbol of new beginnings and growth through change.

S U N S T O N E // Practice reckless optimism. Heightens your happiness. Like the sun peaking through the clouds, helps you achieve mental clarity and change your outlook when life feels dark. Helps you share positivity with those around you by bringing out your brave side so you can feel self-empowered and confident. Sunstone invites joy into your life, heightening your creativity, and excitement for life.

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