Dendritic Agate Palm Stone

  • Price is for one palm stone
  • Stone is approximately
  • Each stone is natural with unique inner character
  • You will be receiving the exact crystal featured in the pictures


D E N D R I T I C  A G A T E // also known as Tree Agate. This stone carries a stabilizing and strengthening energy. Brings a strong connection to the earth and plants. This stone takes time to be fully effective so it encourages perseverance and patience. 

This crystal will ship with the Agate meaning card

A G A T E // Life is tough, but so are you. Reminds you to keep a positive mindset so you can spread positivity and be there for others. Heals inner anger and insecurities to bring emotional, physical, and intellectual balance while grounding your emotions to reality. Helps with concentration and mental strength. A security blanket to help you feel protected when you are going through hard times and feel vulnerable. A symbol of luck and courage.