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Gold Mama Script Necklace

Introducing our 'Mama Script Necklace,’ a heartfelt piece of jewelry symbolizes the unwavering joy and unconditional love that mothers experience, whether through birth or the bonds of love and care. It pays tribute to the profound connection shared by those who embrace the role of a nurturing and devoted figure in someone's life. Whether you are a loving mother, a caring stepmom, a devoted adoptive parent, or a cherished mentor, this necklace serves as a beautiful reminder of the profound impact you have on the life of someone you hold dear. It is a reminder of the countless tender moments shared, the selfless sacrifices made, and the boundless love that knows no bounds. Embrace the beauty of motherhood and cherish the timeless bond that defines the essence of being a mom, regardless of the path that led you to this incredible role.
  • Adjustable from 16"-18"
  • Gold vermeil over .925 sterling silver
  • Also available in silver