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'Have Courage' Keepsake Charm

Carry power with grace, dignity with fire, passion with strength in everyday endeavours, with the Mulan Fan Pocket Trinket. Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in and speak your truth.

Keep me close on your journey
Take me with your travels
Through snowy battles to blooming blossoms
I am your secret trinket
A lucky fan to give you courage and spirit

Carry it in your hand, carry it in your heart, carry it in your soul. Each trinket has been thoughtfully created to inspire daily positive reminders and serve as a lucky charm. These trinkets also come in their own buttoned suede pouch and story card ready to be gifted as a precious keepsake.

- Little alloy trinket with enamel painting
- Unique card with an inspiring poem (different for each princess)
- Double suede buttoned pouch