Live Your Dream Luxe Bracelet

Introducing our ‘Live Your Dream' bracelet, inspired by your favourite iconic fashion doll, where imagination truly knows no bounds! Designed to inspire you to fearlessly embrace your girly side, and embark on a journey to make your wildest dreams a reality. Let this bracelet be a constant companion on your journey to self-discovery, reminding you that you possess the power to be anything you desire. So, dare to dream big, dare to believe in yourself, and dare to live your dreams, for with your childhood bestie as your muse, life truly becomes your own creation!

  • Price is for one bracelet
  • Bracelets fit comfortably snug to a 7.25" wrist
  • Bead size: 4mm Rose Quartz & 6mm Faceted Pink Tourmaline 
  • 3mm, 4mm & 6mm .925 Sterling Silver bead accents
  • Please note, there may be some variation in the Pink Tourmaline beads
  • We want your pieces to have the perfect fit! Beaded gemstone and reminder bracelets can be resized to any desired length. If you have any questions about resizing, please visit our page resizing

The luxe collection features high quality gemstones + sterling silver or gold filled accents. The luxe gemstones are not included in the multi stack discount. 


R O S E Q U A R T Z // Be kind to yourself and let kindness fill the world. Gives hope and strength to a broken heart, and provides a soothing energy during times of grief or loss. Reminds you to be compassionate and kind to both loved ones and strangers with unconditional love. Helps the many aspects of relationships, restoring trust, and bringing harmony. Reminds you to work on your negative habits so you can embrace inner love and let others in.

T O U R M A L I N E // Crystal bodyguard. One of the most powerful crystals for protection. Blocks you from negativity and toxic environments, giving you the strength to put yourself first and forget about the judgments of others. Let go of tension, stress and anxieties. Carry with you when you’re in need of a big hug from the Universe and a reminder to let go of the negative thoughts that are weighing you down.