Madagascar Garnierite 'Green Moonstone' Palm Stone

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  • Price is for one point
  • Stones are approximately 1.25" x 0.5" x 1.5"
  • Each stone is natural with unique inner character
  • Crystal will be intuitively chosen for you


G A R N I E R I T E  M O O N S T O N E // Often referred to as green moonstone. Resist fighting the old and build upon the new. Aids in healing the wounds you may carry to allow for new opportunities and love in. Much like moonstone, this stone has strong healing and transformative energy. Releases you from emotional stress, giving you strength to grow.

This Crystal will ship with a moonstone meaning card

M O O N S T O N E //  Release your inner goddess. The ultimate stone for embracing your femininity and intuition. Reminds you to balance your emotions and pull strength from the harmony within. Think of Moonstone as your comfort crystal, a soothing companion for when your emotions and hormones are heightened. Reminds you that you are enough and that you have enough. A symbol of new beginnings and growth through change.