Warrior Luxe Bracelet

Ready to be a warrior? Our Warrior bracelet allows you to tap into your inner strength and carry yourself with grace through the toughest of ordeals. It's the perfect companion to help you transition through difficult times and reminder you to take care of yourself. You have the strength inside of you to move on, let go and move forward. Don't forget your inner power - you've got this!

  • Price is for one bracelet
  • Bead Size: 6mm Tourmaline with Faceted Labradorite
  • 3mm & 6mm Gold Filled accents
  • Bracelets fit comfortably snug to a 7.25" wrist
  • We want your pieces to have the perfect fit! Beaded gemstone and reminder bracelets can be resized to any desired length. If you have any questions about resizing, please visit our page resizing

The luxe collection features high quality gemstones + sterling silver or gold filled accents. The luxe gemstones are not included in the multi stack discount. 


L A B R A D O R I T E // Grow through what you go through. Acts like a boat when sailing through waves of change. It keeps you safe while navigating new chapters. Helps you to see the truth in situations and make decisions accordingly. Reminds you that growth will look different for everyone. Encourages you to move on from toxic relationships and bad habits.

T O U R M A L I N E // Crystal bodyguard. One of the most powerful crystals for protection. Blocks you from negativity and toxic environments, giving you the strength to put yourself first and forget about the judgments of others. Let go of tension, stress and anxieties. Carry with you when you’re in need of a big hug from the Universe and a reminder to let go of the negative thoughts that are weighing you down.