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Astrology SOS Book

By:The Woke Mystix

Who understands what you *really* need better than you? Well, the stars. With their help, you can become your glowiest self, inside and out. Astrology SOS is the ultimate guide to surviving the elements: from navigating the Planetary Retrogrades to harnessing the power of the Summer Solstice, to every day uncertainties in work, love and the day-to-day, this book gives you the tools you need to better understand what is going on with the planets at any given moment, so that you can workyour way through life's challenges with fewer headaches. It covers:

• Saturn Return
• Planetary Retrogrades
• Pluto in Transit
• Eclipses
• Equinoxes and Solstices
• Moon Transits
• Day-To-Day Survival

Featuring self-care rituals and hacks, helpful tools, prompts and practices to help you work through various challenges, Astrology SOS will empower you with the knowledge you need as you move across the astrological terrain of life. Welcome to the upgrade you never knew you needed!

The Woke Mystix is a podcast by co hosts Ellen Bowles and Imani Quinn, with a focus on creating a safe space on the discussion of spirituality, astrology, magic, self-care, and divinity. Ellen is an astrology and tarot reader, and Imani is a Quantum Oracle Healer, both based out of Los Angeles, CA. They have been invited to speak at Second Home co-working space, Apple’s bespoke advertising agency (Media Arts Lab), and featured in Holisticism and have become a staple for listeners who are on their spiritual journey and looking for approachable knowledge and guidance with a bit of humour.