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'333' Support Luxe Bracelet

Our ‘Support’ angel number bracelet carries a deep spiritual message and serves as a tangible reminder to trust the loving forces that surround you. In numerology and spiritual belief systems, 333 is often considered a powerful message of love, support, and divine guidance from the spiritual realm. It signifies that your spiritual guides are close at hand, offering their assistance and blessings. It serves as a constant reminder that you are never alone on your life's journey and that your spirit guides are right beside you every step of the way. 

The '333' bracelet makes for an incredibly thoughtful and meaningful gift for someone you care about deeply. Whether given to a friend, family member, or loved one, it carries a message of love, support, and the belief that they are always accompanied by heavenly forces that are guiding them on their life's journey.

  • Price is for one bracelet
  • Bracelets fit comfortably snug on a 7.25" wrist
  • Bead size: 4mm Moonstone, Green Angelite & Clear Quartz
  • '333' Angel Number Round Beads
  • 3mm & 6mm .925 Sterling Silver accents
  • We want your pieces to have the perfect fit! Beaded gemstone and reminder bracelets can be resized to any desired length. If you have any questions about resizing, please visit our page resizing

    The luxe collection features high quality gemstones + sterling silver or gold filled accents. The Serendipity Collection is not included in the multi stack discount. 


    A N G E L I T E // Spirit Guide. Enhances spiritual awareness. Associated with energies of the angelic realm for spiritual growth. Offers comfort when you are feeling alone and need help overcoming fears and anxieties. Aids in insomnia relief so you can drift off to dreamland. Acts as a support system, giving you protection and guidance in a compassionate, accepting, and understanding way.

    M O O N S T O N E // Release your inner goddess. The ultimate stone for embracing your femininity and intuition. Reminds you to balance your emotions and pull strength from the harmony within. Think of Moonstone as your comfort crystal, a soothing companion for when your emotions and hormones are heightened. Reminds you that you are enough and that you have enough. A symbol of new beginnings and growth through change.

    Q U A R T Z // Magic energy. Lightens, brightens and powers up your life. Excellent for creative minds that seek inspiration and clarity. A stone of healing and purity. Your bff when you’re looking to amplify other energy. Channels and intensifies energy of nearby crystals. When you need to manifest your intentions, Quartz is there to help with its ‘if you can dream it, you can become it’ energy.