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'Let's Play' Keepsake Charm

Wake up to fresh flowers, best friends and the simple joys of kissing butterflies, just as Bambi did. Hold on to this trinket inspired by the Great Prince of the Forest as a reminder that there is always time for playing.

Keep me close on your journey,
Take me with your travels,
Let's play happily in the forest,
With the seasonal flowers and spring animals,
I am your secret trinket,
A fluttering butterfly reminding you to enjoy the moment.

Each trinket has been thoughtfully created to inspire daily positive reminders and serve as a lucky charm. These trinkets also come in their own buttoned suede pouch and story card ready to be gifted as a precious keepsake.

- Pouch: 4 H x 5cm L
- Trinket: 2 - 2.5cm W

- Alloy / enamel paint keepsake
- Comes with a unique story card that is different for each trinket
- Double suede buttoned pouch