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Gold Protect Me Bracelet

Introducing our "Protect Me" bracelet, a meaningful piece of jewelry with ancient protective symbolism. The centrepiece of this bracelet is the revered Hamsa, a symbol celebrated across various cultures for its potent ability to safeguard the wearer from harm and bring blessings to their life. The Hamsa hand is an age-old representation of protection, strength, and good fortune. Its unique shape, resembling an open hand with an eye in the centre, is believed to deflect negative energies, ward off the evil eye, and guide the wearer towards a path of prosperity and positivity. Walk through life with a sense of security and grace, knowing that you are shielded by the powerful embrace of the Hamsa, forever guiding you toward a future filled with positivity and safeguarding you on your journey through time.

  • Gold vermeil over .925 sterling silver
  • Hamsa with CZ crystal 
  • Spring Ring Clasp
  • 6.5" dainty chain + 1" extender for a comfortable fit on most wrists