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Yellow Apatite Cube

  • Price is for one stone
  • Stones are approximately .75" x .75"
  • Each stone has unique banded lines, shimmer, and character.
  • Crystal will be intuitively chosen for you


Y E L L O W  A P A T I T E // Also called Gold or Golden Apatite. Its bright, sunny energy stimulates a passion for life and a stronger sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Strengthens your willpower and assertiveness to give you the courage you need to take new risks. Helps you to learn, take in, and process new information to manifest your dreams and desires.

Crystal will ship with Apatite meaning card

A P A T I T E // Gives you the strength and willpower to make healthy choices. Apatite is the stone of motivation, communication and self expression. Become in tune with yourself and your intuition to reawaken clarity of your goals and ambitions.